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Boss Motorbodies is a New Zealand company that specializes in the manufacture of truck bodies and trailers. With over 30 years experience they have built a wide variety of bodies and pride themselves on their innovative designs and customer satisfaction.

Multilock truck bodies from Boss Motorbodies Multilock truck bodies from Boss Motorbodies

Multilock is a product that has been developed by Boss Motorbodies Ltd to build truck and trailer bodies. The design uses precisely engineered aluminium extrusions that securely lock together to form the vehicles body. There are 5 standard extrusions that are used in all designs. There are another 15 extrusions that can be used depending on the design of the body.  

Multilock has been used to build truck bodies for over 14 years, with its popularity growing each year. In fact this method of construction is so popular that the entire box body output of Boss Motorbodies is of the Multilock design. A lot of customers now will specify that all of their truck bodies are to be made of Multilock.

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