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Multilock Features

Multilock truck bodies from Boss MotorbodiesThe Multilock Truck Body System provides many advantages in comparison to conventional-style truck body systems. The Multilock System provides:

Strong And Resilient Wall Panels

Multilock 200mm spaced internal ribs and tough extruded wall panels provide an exceptionally strong dent and puncture resistant body. These attributes result in lower repair bills and better truck body appearance.

Lightweight Vehicle Body

The aluminium Multilock Body System is lighter than a conventional-style vehicle body due to the absence of steel wall frames and steel sub-frame. Lower truck tare weights can reduce fuel-running costs, loading on the engine, and potentially reduce RUC costs as well. Small trucks can carry more freight without exceeding maximum permitted load limits.

Mutlilock truck bodies from Boss MotorbodiesSustainable

Multilock bodies are predominantly made from aluminum, which is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust. It makes up about 8% by weight of the Earth’s solid surface, so it is a material that can be sustained for many years to come.  

A Multilock truck body can be built without using any wood. With the depletion of forests worldwide, minimizing the amount of wood used can only be positive.  At the end of the truck bodies’ life, it can be easily recycled.


Multilock can be used to build truck bodies of any size, from a small utility body to a high capacity freight body.

Strong, Lightweight Doors

Multilock truck bodies from Boss MotorbodiesMultilock can be used to make very wide, strong, and lightweight container-type side doors that allow excellent side entry to van bodies. The lightweight nature of the doors makes them easy to open and close, and puts less strain on door hinges. Multilock doors can also be designed to open vertically.

Attractive Exterior Finish

Multilock vehicle bodies have smooth walls and rounded corners that give the finished body a very attractive modern appearance. The system can be either painted or left in its natural aluminium finish.

An Excellent Surface for Sign Writing

Fasteners - that help hold the Multilock vehicle body together - are only required at the very top and bottom of the walls, leaving the Multilock wall surface free of rivet heads. This means the walls provide an excellent surface for sign writing and advertising decals without any obstruction from rivet heads.

Multilock truck bodies from Boss MotorbodiesPanel Repair

Unlike thin exterior wall lining, Multilock is a high-grade aluminium extrusion that is much more to dents and damage. In the event of damage panels can be replaced.

See photos of Multilock repairs.

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